Testimonials – Moira West
Moira West Photography - Yu & Ayaka

Yu & Ayaka

Hi Moira!
Yu and I couldn’t find any words to describe how we felt when looking at the photos!!
Before the shooting we knew nothing about what or how can we do for good photos, but we immediately realized that we need not have been worried about that. You told us everything, and all we have to do is relaxing in front of your camera:)
All places you took us looked like a wonderland, talking with you made us comfortable, we feel so special! We really enjoyed the shooting time.
We were happy with only that, what is better, the photos were simply breathtaking!!! They were so Amazing and Beautiful!!! The color were just brilliant!!
We truly want to thank you from the bottom of our heart! We are really glad to find you and see you<3
oh, if you were in our country, I would ask you again for our big day next year!!
One day we want to visit back Cape Town again and ask you to shoot our family photos.
Yu and Ayaka
Moira West Photography - Stephanie & Yvan

Stephanie & Yvan

Hi Moira,
Wow… I can’t actually find any words to describe the feeling when looking at the photos!
I had to wait the whole day yesterday for Yvan to come home before I was allowed to look at them and then we sat down and went through all of the amazing, amazing, indescribably beautiful photos together .. to be honest, I got a bit emotional too ;)
You really captured our day as we remember it and – most importantly –  in such a natural way! We are laughing way too often hahaha :D  Also the pic of my grandma on FaceTime … just that picture made my day!!
Thank you so much for what you have done for us, we really love the photos! Couldn’t have asked for anything or anyone else to document our day <3
Moira West Photography - Rüdiger & Chanelle

Rüdiger & Chanelle

Liefste Moira,
Daar is GEEN woorde nie!!!
Absoluut niks wat ek sê gaan hierdie foto’s justice doen nie!
Die trane loop soos ons kyk na die foto’s wat elke liewe oomblik van ons spesiale dag uitbeeld.
Baie baie dankie dat jy die liefde en geluk wat ons omring het daardie dag so mooi kon vasvang op jou kamera!
Dankie vir jou harde werk, jou moeite en jou tyd. Hierdie is vir ons so spesiaal en kosbaar; elke liewe foto laat my weer daardie presiese gevoelings kry wat ek gehad het op ons troudag!
En al die detail; die foto’s is besonders!
Nie net is die foto’s asemrowend nie, maar jy as mens – jy het ons so op ons gemak laat voel, asof ons jare lank al mekaar geken het. Dankie vir dit!
Dit was vir ons ‘n groot voorreg om jou as ons fotograaf te kon hê, en ek sal jou ‘n duisend maal voorstel aan ander. Jy het werklik ‘n God-gegewe talent, waarvan jy gebruik maak.
Jou passie, jou liefde vir dit wat jy doen kan gesien word in die foto’s.
Baie baie dankie!!
Die foto’s is ongelooflik en ons kon nie vir meer gevra het nie.
Liefde & groete,
Rüdiger & Chanelle
Moira West Photography - Kerry & Emce

Kerry & Emce

Dearest Moira,

We just wanted to say the most heartfelt thank you for being the most amazing wedding photographer and for sharing your ability to make the photos such a joy and one of the funnest parts of our wedding! You have the most lovely nature, gentle, warm, vivacious and kind. Your heart really is beautiful and it shines through your work and the way you engage with people.

We are so glad that we shared our day with you and Nadia. And want to thank both of you for just being plain lovely.

The best of luck with the season ahead! We wish you all the inspiration and joy that work could possibly hold, plus lots of rest in between.

With love,

Kerry and Emce xx

Moira West Photography - Taryn & Jonathan

Taryn & Jonathan

From the moment I saw Moira’s work, even before I had gotten engaged, I had said “THIS WOMAN WILL PHOTOGRAPH MY WEDDING ONE DAY”.

After getting engaged, she was the first person I contacted. Upon meeting her, I felt as if she had been a friend for years. We had booked her immediately. She did our Engagement Shoot as well as our Wedding. She did such an amazing job capturing all those special moments.

Looking through our images allows us to relive that special day along with all the laughs and fun we had while being photographed. She was so warm, fun and made us feel completely at ease. I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for a photographer who is so amazingly talented, professional and fun.

Moira West Photography - Celestie & Henry

Celestie & Henry

Moira!! How can I begin to thank you for the incredible way that you captured our loveliest day with your incredible talent?!
From the moment you arrived, you made me fee so comfortable and so special. Your energy and your lovely personality immediately just puts one at ease. By the time I actually arrived at the isle, I was so relaxed!

You are definitely the type of person a bride wants around her on her wedding day, especially when the nerves start kicking in.
Your joy and passion for your work is inspiring. Henry and I are in love with your work, and the way you made us feel on the day will stay with us forever. You are simply the best.

Moira West Photography - Elizabeth & Dante

Elizabeth & Dante

Your wedding day is one of the most unique days of your life. There has been and never again will be something so extraordinary.

The day passed so quickly and with every passing second you try and hang onto every moment, so as not to forget how you felt on that day. When we received our pictures we where blown away, Moira captured the essence and soul of the day like I could never have imagined. Every time I look at the pictures they give met goosebumps. They take me back to those precious moments, painting a vivid picture of what the day was like.

Moira, your pure heart and raw talent makes for the most unfathomable beauty in your work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this with us, you have truly given us a very cherished gift!

Moira West Photography - Shani & Hugo

Shani & Hugo

Oh my word!! There are no words to describe what an important role the photographer plays in your wedding day! And to have had Moira as our photographer was the biggest blessing!

Not only are her photos absolutely gorgeous and so natural, but she is the most special and fun person to have around you on your wedding day! Her energy and enthusiasm just enhances your happiness and she makes it so easy to be in front of the camera (which definitely does not come naturally to everyone!). She also has a way of capturing the most special moments!

Thank you so much Moira for helping to make our wedding memories so special and perfect! I can’t even count the number of times I’ve looked through our photos!

Moira West Photography - Lynda & Lincoln

Lynda & Lincoln

Good Morning Moira

I want to express my gratitude for everything that you did for us on our wedding day but have battled to find the right words.

The photos we’ve seen so far are amazing. I am very cynical about how I look in photos and generally don’t enjoy having my photo taken. You made us feel so comfortable. That relaxation is so evident in the photos you could swear we were professionals! You and your personality made our wedding day so enjoyable. It was like having a long lost friend taking our photos for us, and I think that is shows!

I absolutely adore our engagement photos. The colour and light were just brilliant. I hope that you didn’t need to do too much photo-shopping! My dad absolutely loves the photo you posted of us on facebook. He even phoned me to gush how amazing it was.

All my best,

Moira West Photography - Adri & Willie

Adri & Willie

Moira, we don’t have words for how incredibly much our photos mean to us.
I just want to thank you again for how comfortable you made me feel on our wedding day. Not for one second did we feel as though we were ‘posing’.

I have been looking forward to seeing the photos so much, that for the last week I have been like a kid the week before Christmas. And then, your work (art!) exceeded my wildest dreams.

You’re so talented, and it’s extraordinary to experience someone who lives out their talent in full, and totally owns their game.

The photos you took will be precious to us, forever. The amount of people who told us they can FEEL our love through the photos, is striking. I think it’s the best testimony of what you do – you don’t just take photos, you capture the moments and the love.

From me and Willie, thank you so, so much.

Moira West Photography - Dharshni & Paul

Dharshni & Paul

We first saw Moira’s website while we were in Cape Town planning our wedding and fell in love with her style of photography. We knew right away we wanted her to capture our wedding. Arranging a wedding especially from abroad is stressful. Through the entire process she was engaging, friendly, warm and enthusiastic.
We were over the moon with our photos when we got them. Looking through them (I’ve lost track how many times!) is like reliving our amazing day all over again. They bring back many wonderful memories and feelings. She captured every special moment throughout the day. The photos are simply beautiful, fun and romantic. We absolutely love them!!!
Moira – you exceeded every expectation we had. Your talent is a rare gift. We can’t thank you enough for these amazing 
memories which we will treasure forever. Xx

Moira West Photography - Anina & Rudi

Anina & Rudi

Choosing a photographer for your wedding day is probably one of the most difficult, but important decisions of your life. Moira takes pictures that captures the emotion, the being, the human element. When I look at our photos, I see the honestly and sincerity, captured for ever.
Moira just makes you feel so very at ease on the day, and it is just a pleasure to have her around.
She’s one incredible person with a lovely smile – bursting with talent, talent and talent!
We can recommend Moira to EVERYONE who wants no fakeness, and we couldn’t have dreamed of more gorgeous, sincere photographs. Moira, you photographs makes our fairy tale come alive. We are forever thankful to you!

Moira West Photography - Shana & Kevin

Shana & Kevin

Hiring the right photographer to capture all the moments of your special day is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when planning your wedding. All I can say is that we chose Moira and it was the BEST decision we could have ever made!!

Not only is Moira fiercely talented behind the camera, but her energy and enthusiasm is simply incredible. Her quiet confidence brought some much-needed calm on the day too! Moira, there are not enough words to adequately thank you enough for capturing our day so beautifully and romantically – anyone would be lucky to have you shoot their big day or special occasion xx

Moira West Photography - Patsy & Zipho

Patsy & Zipho

I actually do not know how and where to begin re: the photo’s from our wedding.

You have blown our minds away and every time I go through them (Yes, I’ve been looking through them almost every 20 minutes), a moment of happiness and love fills my heart. You were able to capture every single moment with such beauty and above all – you captured the true essence of who Zipho and I are – people who laugh.

Thank you so much for being a part of our big day and you will certainly remain in our hearts as you have shared your craft with us.

Stay awesome. Love, Patsy.

Moira West Photography - Sheena & Sums

Sheena & Sums

If there was a rating higher than 5 stars, Moira would get it!! She was absolutely phenomenal with us. We only met her for the first time a day before our wedding because we stay in Bermuda and it felt like we had known her for years!!

Moira was simply effortless with her work and never made us feel uncomfortable or like anything was staged. She allowed us to just be in the moment and she captured PERFECT shots every single time.

She was the most wonderful soul to work with and her calmness and kindness set the perfect setting for us to be relaxed and at ease. There is no doubt that we would choose her again and again if we lived in SA! Thank you Moira.